Every year millions of dollars of damage is done by birds in New Zealand’s vineyards. Birds will quickly acclimate to static deterrents, so protecting the crop requires a comprehensive plan. To achieve the best protection requires a significant investment of time and money.

A Hands-Off Solution

Autonabit has developed an easier solution to mitigate bird damage in vineyards, an autonomous robot which is always moving, and deterring birds from settling.

Now your gas gun can be in a different location every time it fires and your kites can realistically move through the vineyard, all while requiring no extra labour or fossil fuels.

Meet Avvy

Avvy is the autonomous vineyard vehicle capable of navigating without a driver in your vineyard. Avvy is designed to carry tools for bird control, such as kites, loud speakers, and gas guns. Avvy is fully electric and designed to help you reduce carbon emissions and costs in your vineyard while providing unrivalled bird control.

Easy to deploy

Avvy is fully self reliant, using cellular for communication and a combination of cameras and gps for navigation; besides a power outlet for charging, no additional infrastructure is required.

Avvy can autonomously map your vineyard or we can perform the initial setup for you.

Control and Monitoring

Controlling Avvy is easy through the Autonabit dashboard, where bird scaring operations are created and scheduled. When using the mobile app Avvy can be summoned to your location, follow you, and remotely controlled.