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Birds are hungry and Persistent. Every year millions of dollars of damage is done by birds and even more is spent trying to stop them. Birds will quickly acclimate to static deterrents, so protecting your crop requires a comprehensive plan.

Meet Avvy

Avvy is the autonomous vehicle capable of navigating without a driver in your vineyard or orchard. Avvy is designed to carry tools for bird control, such as kites, loud speakers, and gas guns. Avvy is fully electric and designed to help you reduce carbon emissions and costs in your vineyard, all while providing unrivaled bird management.


Easily change schedules, blocks, and patterns in real-time. Once a harvest begins, Avvy can be redeployed immediately through our App or Web Dashboard.


Set and forget. Avvy is happy to be left bird scaring for weeks without intervention. If something requires your attention, you will receive an app notification.


Easily confirm your Avvy is deployed according to your intention and compliant with bird scaring by-laws using our accurate reporting and logs.


Crop Reporting System

Grapevine trunk diseases can cause significant yield and quality reduction. Are you paying to prune vines that are no longer productive? With our Crop Reporting System you can get an accurate census of missing, dead, healthy, and replanted vines.

Bird Banger

With an Bird Banger mounted, Avvy becomes a bird scaring machine. Configure where and how often the banger is fired through the Autonabit App or Dashboard. Never worry that a bird banger is operating after hours again, Avvy uses strict rules to ensure the neighbours are kept happy.

Bird Monitoring

With the AutonaCam, birds can be monitored in real-time. When birds are detected their location is sent to Avvy; driving a dynamic bird scaring strategy.

Automatic Charging

Do you have remote blocks which may go days without anyone being on site? Not a problem. Avvy will autonomously return home at the end of the day, dock, charge, and be ready for tomorrow. Monitor every thing remotely – or don’t, Avvy has got this.

Easy Programming

Programming Avvy is easy with our intuitive App and Dashboard. Create programs for blocks and specific areas. Combine individual programs together in rotation, allowing Avvy can cover a larger area. Create a schedule to start and end the day automatically. All of this can be done easily from anywhere on the planet with just your phone.


Avvy has been bird scaring in New Zealand since 2020, resulting in a vehicle that is designed for conditions ranging from the flat vineyards of the Wairau Valley to the hilly and terraced orchards of Central Otago.

Battery Range100km
NavigationGPS + Camera
Person and obstacle detection

Deployment Procedure -3 Options


For a completely hands off deployment, one of our team can visit your site to survey blocks and thoroughfares. This approach is great if you want piece of mind, and a accurate map for deploying our crop monitoring and reporting system.


Avvy is designed to be easy to deploy. In fact it can be completed using just our App and your new Avvy. Using the app instruct Avvy follow you using its camera. Place Avvy into survey mode and lead Avvy around your block. This will teach Avvy your boundaries and thoroughfares. Once this is complete, lead Avvy into into the block and it will map the rows autonomously. It’s that simple.

Updating the map

If you want to change the route between blocks, add a shortcut, or modify an exclusion or low noise zone. These changes can be made through the Map Editing Wizard built right into the Autonabit Dashboard.

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